Chivendekete anoseka chimedure

Chivendekete anoseka chimedure

English Direct Translation 

A cracked plate laughs at a broken one.


  1. Zviri musango zvinosekana pfunye ikaona hoto inoseka. (Those in the forest ridicule one another; when the go-away bird sees a pelican it laughs.)
  2. Gunguo kuseka zizi iwo muromo waro uchinge dende. (The crow laughs at the owl’s beak, yet its own is like a calabash.)
  3. Zvirema kusekana mundiro yenhopi. (The cripples laugh at each other in a plate of mash.)
  4. Makudo anosekana makuma. (Baboons ridicule each other because of their foreheads.)

Shona Explanation 

Muiti wezvakaipa anowanzoda kunongedza kuzvitadzo zvevamwe asingafungi nezvokuipa kwake iye.

English Explanation 

Very often people are not willing to admit their faults, but they loudly criticise their fellowmen’s blunders. ‘The pot calls the kettle black’. This proverb can be quoted to teach people the wisdom of self-criticism and an understanding attitude towards the faults of others.

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