Lannea edulis ( Mutsambatsi )


Lannea edulis shrub is known locally as Mutsambatsi. The shrub is also known locally as Intakubomvu (Ndebele) Mutsambatsi (Shona) Tsombori (English) Wild grape (English)

Medicinal Uses 

a) Leaves can be used as a medicine to ease childbirth, treat bronchitis, and prevent abortion when it is anticipated.

b) The roots can be taken to treat menstrual pains, bilharzia, and gonorrhea. The bark and fruits are taken as a treatment for blackwater fever.

Other Uses 

The fruits are eaten when ripe, the fleshy pulp is juicy and pleasantly sour, and the skin is discarded.

The roots are also used to make baskets.

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