Mangifera indica (Mumango)


Mangifera indica tree is known locally as Mumango or Mango in English

Medicinal Uses 

a) Leaves infusion is drunk to reduce blood pressure and as a treatment for conditions such as angina, asthma, coughs and diabetes. Externally, the leaves are used in a convalescent bath.

b) Leaves are also used as a mouthwash, effective in hardening the gums and helping to treat dental problems.

c) The leaves can also used to treat skin irritations. The charred and pulverized leaves are used to make a plaster for removing warts and also act as a styptic.

d) The seed is astringent, antidiarrhoeal; anthelmintic when roasted. It is used to treat stubborn colds and coughs, obstinate diarrhoea and bleeding piles. The pulverised seed is made into a sweetened tea and drunk, or taken as powders, for treating dysentery The seeds are ground up and used to treat scorpion stings. (Astringent means it causes skin cell and other organ cells to contract )

e) The bark is astringent, homeostatic and antirheumatic. It is used in the treatment of haemorrhage, diarrhoea and throat problems. When incised, the bark yields an oleoresin which is stimulant, sudorific (causing sweating) and antisyphilitic (used in the treatment of syphills).

f) The stem is astringent. It is used to treat diarrhoea and to remedy stomach-ache

g) The roots are diuretic (causing increased passage of urine)

h) The flowers are aphrodisiac

i) The fruit is antiscorbutic (used in treatment of scurvy) and antidysenteric

Other Uses 

a) Fruit – raw or cooked. One of the most popular fruits in the world, it is commonly eaten raw, is juiced and can also be prepared in a variety of ways such as in chutneys, jams, pickles etc.

b) When dried, unripe fruit is ground into a powder and used as a flavouring in Indian cuisine as an ingredient of the spice mixture chat masala

c)The seeds are used in the preparation of dodol, or pudding

d) Young leaves cooked as a vegetable

e) The bark and the leaves are the source of a yellowish-brown dye used for silk

f) The flowers are used to repel mosquitoes

g) The slender branches are used as toothbrushes to treat toothache

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