N’ai kwadzo ndedzomucheche dzomukuru dzinoreva kudya

N’ai kwadzo ndedzomucheche dzomukuru dzinoreva kudya.

English Direct Translation

A genuine yawn is that of a child; an adult’s indicates a desire to eat.


  1. Kuzamura chaiko ndokwomudoko kwomukuru kunoreva kudya. (-zamura: yawn)


Kugomba kwomwana muduku pamwe hakuna zvakunoreva, asi kwomukuru kunokumbira chimwe chinhu.


A child will always ask something in a direct way, but an adult often hints or makes an indirect approach to what he wants. A person in debt will go to a neighbour and relate at length his problems in self-pity. This implies that he wants to borrow to square his debt (chikwerete).

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