Usatsvaga nhava muuswa iro sora ratsva

Usatsvaga nhava muuswa iro sora ratsva.

English Direct Translation 

Do not look for a string bag in the grass when the grass has been burnt.


  1. Usaruka nhava rutsva rwatsva. (Never weave a string bag after a veld fire.)
  2. Usakusha mbeu mvura yaenda. (Do not broadcast seeds when the rainy season has gone.)

Shona Explanation  

Hazviwanzobatsira kutsvaga chinhu asi munhu achinyatsoziva kuti chinhu chacho hachisisipo.

English Explanation 

It is useless to look for something which has been destroyed. A slightly different meaning is conveyed by the two variants. They mean rather: Do not make preparations for something which can no longer be carried out.

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