Ateyera mariva murutsva haachatyi mhapa kusviba

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Ateyera mariva murutsva haachatyi mhapa kusviba.

English Direct Translation

One who sets stone traps in burnt grass is not afraid of blackening his (posterior) skin wear.


  1.  Usatya bhurukwa kusviba iwe wakateya mariva murutsva. (Never be afraid to blacken your trousers when you have set stone traps in burnt grass.)
  2.  Apinda murutsva anosviba tsoka. (One who passes through burnt veld will get dirty feet.)
  3.  Afa haachatyi kuora. (The deceased is not afraid of rotting away.)
  4.  Chirega kutya kununa iwe wakasasikwa. (Never be afraid of losing your fat when you are held by the fire.)
  5.  Usatya ngwena iwo makumbo ari mudziva. (It is futile to be afraid of crocodiles when your feet are (already) in the water.)
  6.  Hapana munwe unoiswa mukanwa ukabuda usina mate (No finger put into the mouth will come out without saliva.)
  7.  Agara murutsva haatyi kusviba magaro.  (One who sits on burnt veld should not bother to blacken his buttocks.)


Kana munhu aira azvipira kuita basa rakaoma, haafaniri kutya kusvorwa kana kukuvadzwa naro.


Once you have given yourself to an arduous task, you must not be deterred by any inconvenience. The proverbs praise courage and perseverance shown by a person engaged in some difficult work. They may also be used as a plain statement of fact in everyday circumstances. For instance, a mechanic must necessarily put up with grease and dirt. Also generally, a man must take the consequences of his actions.

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