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Zimbabwe National Anthem

Zimbabwe national anthem in Shona, Ndebele and English The national anthem was introduced in March 1994 after a nation-wide competition to replace “Ishe Komborera...


Sclerocarya birrea (Mupfura)

Summary Sclerocarya birrea is a medium-sized deciduous tree known locally as Mupfura (Shona), Marula (English) Mufuna (Shona) Mushomo (Shona) Umganu (Ndebele) Medicinal Uses  a)...


Rhus longipes (Mufokosiana )

Summary Rhus longipes a shrub or small tree with long drooping stems and branches also known as Inhlokotshiyane (Ndebele) Large-leaved rhus (English) Mudzambuya (Shona)...


Ozoroa insignis(Mubhedha)

Summary Ozoroa insignis shrub or sometimes a small to a medium tree known locally as Mubhedha (Shona), Isafice (Ndebele) Muacha (Shona) Mubedu (Shona) Mudyamombe...


Mangifera indica (Mumango)

Summary Mangifera indica tree is known locally as Mumango or Mango in English Medicinal Uses  a) Leaves infusion is drunk to reduce blood pressure...


Lannea edulis ( Mutsambatsi )

Summary Lannea edulis shrub is known locally as Mutsambatsi. The shrub is also known locally as Intakubomvu (Ndebele) Mutsambatsi (Shona) Tsombori (English) Wild grape...