Ozoroa insignis(Mubhedha)


Ozoroa insignis shrub or sometimes a small to a medium tree known locally as Mubhedha (Shona), Isafice (Ndebele) Muacha (Shona) Mubedu (Shona) Mudyamombe (Shona) Mugaragunguwo (Shona) Mulilila (Tonga) Murungu (Shona) Raisin bush (English) Tar berry (English)

Medicinal Uses 

a) The roots and bark are considered to be cholagogue (substance that promotes the flow of bile from the gall bladder into the duodenum), purgative (strong laxative) and vermifuge. A decoction (concentrated liquid after boiling) is used to treat kidney and liver complaints, ulcers and hernias, throat infections chest pain, diarrhoea schistosomiasis.

b) The root, cooked with rice, is said to be aphrodisiac.

c) A decoction of the stem bark, combined with the stem barks of Gymnosporia senegalensis, Entada abyssinica and Lannea schimper plus the aerial parts of Rhynchosia resinosa, is used in the treatment of peptic ulcers. This decoction has been shown to have a dose-dependant protective activity and also to have moderate antibacterial activity

d) The leaves are used to treat otitis (ear inflammation), colics and dysentery, muscle pains, and fever. Decoctions of the leafy branches are applied after childbirth and to treat hypertension

e) Extracts of the bark and roots have been shown to be lethal to schistosomes which cause urinary schistosomiasis. Tests have suggested that crude extracts of the root and bark, administered orally, are lethal to adult schistosomes

f) Screening of extracts in Zimbabwe revealed that root bark and leaves gave the best results against tapeworms.

Other Uses

a) The fruits are ground up and used by Zulu women to scent their hair

b) The sap is rich in white resin

c) The red wood is hard, tough, and durable, but easy to work. It is resistant to termites

d) It is used in cabinet work, carving, and for poles, but is mainly used as firewood and to make charcoal. The charcoal is of very good quality and can even be used in making gunpowder

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