Zino irema rinosekerera anorivenga

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Zino irema rinosekerera anorivenga

English Direct Translation

A tooth is stupid; it smiles at its enemy.


  1. Zino irema rinosekerera warisingadi.
  2. Mazino marema anosekerera nowakadya baba.( Teeth are fools; they smile at the one who ate (killed) the father.)
  3. Usaona imbwa kuchenama ukati inokusekerera (Do not look at the dog showing its teeth and say it is laughing at you)


Nokusaziva, pamwe munhu angangofarira mumwe munhu anomuvenga zvokutoda kumuuraya.


A man may warmly welcome a visitor ignorant of his evil in­tentions and feelings. If the host knew the visitor’s sinister plans he would not smile at him. 

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